Ivan Tovar (Cali, 1987) is a visual artist. His research delves into the problems of how artistic practices respond to structures of power and domination. In 2010, he complete an internship at MALBA (Buenos Aires). He was also artist in residency at the studio  of Colombian videoartist Raúl Marroquín (Amsterdam, 2016). Tovar has exhibited individually and in group in Germany, Holland and England. In Colombia, he has participated in several regional shows, in ArteCámara (Bogotá, 2015) and in the 44 National Artist Salon (Pereira, 2016), among other collective exhibitions in galleries and spaces. Currently, he is co-director of the Babel Media Art collective in Bogotá. He works at lugar a dudas since 2008, where he coordinates the international residency program.

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