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All fires the fire (in english) is the main story of a book by Julio Cortazar published in 1966. It tells the story of Marco, a gladiator that is taken to battle in the roman coliseum in which his death its predestined and concerted by the proconsul, because of the love the politician’s wife, Irene, feels for the gladiator. At the end, the coliseum burns and all becomes catastrophe. Fire is the base element of this piece, composed by random objects, bricks deformed by high temperatures in the cooking process, found in a brick factory in the outskirts of Cali. shapes that emerge from an archetypal building (an oven), a comment on architecture in the latin american environment through the bodies or deformed fragments, wrong but at the same time dramatic and real. This objects were exhibited alongside with text about Anarquitectura from Gordon Matta Clarck.