Fragments of eucalypts trees
This installation es a review of a contemporary form of romanticism facing Colombia’s landscape. Its conformed of a series of photographs presenting the ruins of a guerrilla settlement of the M19 group, alongside some sculptures found thanks to a eucalyptus wood logging in the same territory. The M19 was an armed revolutionary group that
existed in Colombia in the seventies, realizing symbolic acts such as stealing Simon Bolivar’s sword from a museum, intervening national television and taking the Justice Palace. In 1990, a family member bought a terrain in a rural area where there was an old settlement of this group, at a very low cost, and twenty years later sold it to the government at ten times his buying price, all due to the fact that the M19 group gave up arms in 1990. Photographs were taken just before the sale officialized .
The landscape that originated this installation refers to a direct relationship between body, landscape and history; three elements that compose as a result or determine the romantic act of contemplation.